Saturday, October 25, 2014

Maal Hijrah

Another new year in the Islamic calendar.

Islam promotes moderation, peace, mutual respect and interfaith cooperation. Whether its a new year for Islam, Christians, Buddhist, Hindus or Sikh, no religion teaches bad and evil deed.

Its for us to keep and practice.

Yes, we are among the believers (of the good values)...

Prime Minister's message

Friday, October 24, 2014

Malaysia Chronicle's provocative headline

The text is about a 'fatwa' issued by the National Fatwa Council that declared touching dogs is haram (forbidden) under mazhab Shafie.

However, the story by Malaysia Chronicle carries a provocative heading 'FROM ALLAH TO DOGS, IS MALAYSIA READING ISLAM TO ITS POLITICAL ADVANTAGE'.

To me (and to many others), the news portal simply provokes religious sentiments by questioning Islamic law, Islam and Muslims. It's merely an insult to Islam and the Muslims, who never questioned the practices of other religions.

Their motive and agenda in provoking religious sentiments should not go unchecked. The respective authorities must inevstigate before it grows into a time-bomb.

However, the news portal published a comment by a mufti that dressing up dogs with 'jubah' and 'serban' is an insult to the Muslims.
KUALA NERUS - The act of dressing up dogs with “jubah” and “serban” must be stopped as it is an insult to the Muslims, especially the ulama or Islamic religious scholars, Mufti of Selangor Datuk Mohamad Tamyes Abdul Wahid said.
He said pictures of dogs wearing “jubah” and “serban” had been widely circulated over the social media by irresponsible people and such an act was indeed aimed at insulting the Muslim community, especially the ulama, in the country.
“The ulama whose valuable advice, words of wisdoms and guidelines of the Islamic laws are sought after by the community are now being badly insulted.
“This is really a disgusting agenda, a total disrespect for the ulama. They are showing protests by making these insulting gestures, but they didn’t dare to come face to face with the ulama and debate about this issue.”
Why 'jubah' and 'serban' and why other religions' outfit?

This is a clearly disgusting. And those who question Islam are generally non-Muslims and corrupted 'liberal Muslims'.

Please stop all this nonsense!

Kuala Sepetang

The police yesterday denied the existence of an 'a la Mafia' activities in Kuala Sepetang, Perak which raised many heads, especially the local folks there.

However, the actual special report by Utusan did not make any direct 'Mafia' reference. It was just a matter of adding weigh to it, and I believe Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Bukit Aman and readers understand it.

And when the minister said the police will 'rush' to the scene, it actually did not mean Kuala Sepetang - a beautiful fishing village - is in red alert. The police, of course, will usually act on media reports. So, neither Zahid nor the police is wrong. What went wrong was some perceptions that Kuala Sepetang is 'a gangster den'.

However, Zahid could be right by saying some proceeds from illegal gambling centres in places like Kuala Sepetang, Bagan Panchor and Pulau Kuala Sangga go to irresponsible politicians. Could be true.
PUTRAJAYA: Some politicians in Perak are believed to be financed with proceeds earned from illegal gambling centres in the state, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. 
He said although the politicians concerned were not directly involved, they were believed funded by the illegal gambling centres namely in - Kuala Sepetang, Bagan Panchor and Pulau Kuala Sangga - to carry out their political activities. 
"Based on information I received, there are politicians involved. If they want proof, the police have the evidence," Ahmad Zahid told reporters here on Monday. 
He said this when asked to comment on newspaper reports on gambling activities in the three areas, which were said to be hard for the authorities to penetrate.
I've been to Kuala Sepetang. The environment is good, the people are nice and friendly and the food (especially at the jetty restaurant) was yummy.

I don't deny the existence of some illegal activities like gambling and smuggling but if you compare it with other places, Kuala Sepetang is not 'worrying'. Police sources said that in Perak, Sitiawan is worst for illegal activities and underworld movement.

No alarm for Kuala Sepetang. The report was taken out of context but the police has to investigate. What Zahid meant by 'an ambush' in Kuala Sepetang was just also misunderstood.
Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said police admitted that there were crime activities occurring in Kuala Sepetang, Perak.
"I don't deny that there are crime activities there, but not to the extent of involving mafia groups," he said.
Nevertheless, he said the police would always monitor the situation there and were hoping that the public with information about any crime activities would channel the information to the police to enable further action to be taken.
Kuala Sepetang is a tranquil village. Tourists who have been there will agree to the fact that they were free to move around without any fear. Nobody would want to touch them.

And for Perak police, Kuala Sepetang has the least reports on crime. 
IPOH: Perak police have denied a news report in a local daily of the existence of Mafia style criminal activities in the coastal fishing villages of Kuala Sepetang, Bagan Panchor and Pulau Kuala Sanggar.
Acting State police chief Datuk A. Paramasivam said: "We do not the crimes but the report does not reflect the actual situation in these villages.
"Police have not received reports of crimes like snatch thefts, threats or any violent crimes from the public, especially the tourists.
I would like to be there again. Would be 'something' if we - reporters and bloggers alike - go in groups organised by the Home Ministry, PDRM or a mainstream media like Utusan Malaysia... how about that?

Mungkin kerana tafsiran inilah tidak ramai yang mahu bersikap seperti Ahmad Zahid, apabila seolah-olah mempertikaikan kesahihan pendedahan Utusan Malaysia itu. Mereka bercakap fakta yang boleh dianggap sama sekali tiada kaitan dengan pendedahan yang dibuat.
Pendedahan Utusan Malaysia adalah berkaitan dengan ketenangan Kuala Sepetang yang hakikatnya dilumuri oleh pelbagai kegiatan penyeludupan. Laporan itu sama sekali tidak menyentuh atau membuat dakwaan berlakunya jenayah berat seperti pembunuhan, rakyat diancam atau pelancong diugut.
Apa yang didedahkan ialah bagaimana kegiatan jenayah penyeludupan begitu bermaharajalela sehingga ada menganggap ia dikuasai oleh ‘mafia’. Atas sebab itulah dalam berhadapan dengan pendedahan tersebut adalah lebih baik jika semua pihak mengamalkan sikap terbuka seperti Ahmad Zahid.
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thumbs up to MACC

After rounding up more than 30 customs officers and staff for alleged graft, the MACC went on 'a rampage' by arresting 30 people for illegal logging activities.

I am sure there are many more.

And please don't forget - there are also politicians and their aides believed to be on the take, some of whom are still at it!
KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has arrested 30 people in Johor and Sarawak for illegal logging activities and froze 30 bank accounts belonging to 10 companies worth RM18 million.
MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull warned that this is not the end of Ops Tukul as they were also investigating several state Forestry officers for possible involvement in the illegal felling of trees which had put the forest reserve under threat of destruction.
He said those arrested were the result of nine-month surveillance and public tip-off.
Four individuals, including two timber logging company managers pleaded guilty in Limbang Sessions Court and fined a total of RM80,000 for offering bribes to enforcement officers.
Mohd Shukri said the illegal logging in Sarawak was believed to have resulted in losses of at least RM100 million each year.
“The officers nabbed were alleged to have received bribes between RM300 and the highest was RM10,000.
“The senior police officer in his 30s, who is attached to the Sarawak Crime Investigation Department will be charged under Section 17A of the MACC Act 2009."
Its really an 'image booster' for MACC, especially after being accused of attending to only 'small fish than the big ones'.

However, I personally would like to know how many cases are still pending investigation...

MH370: Indonesia on alert

Indonesia has been alerted that wreckage from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may wash up on the country's coastline.

Floating debris from the aircraft, which disappeared in March with 239 people on board, may have drifted west away from the coastline of Australia and towards Indonesia.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which is leading the search for the aircraft off the coast of Perth, said it had issued an alert to Indonesia requesting that authorities be told about any possible debris from the flight.
The bureau also said it continued to receive messages from members of the public who had found material washed up on the Australian coastline and thought it was debris from the missing Boeing 777.
In PERTH yesterday, Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said Malaysia is optimistic of finding missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as the new search phase begins.
"I am 99.9% optimistic of finding the aircraft. If based on the technology that we are using and whether we are looking at the right place, then we are talking about 99.9% optimistic.

“However, that is not an answer that says we are definitely going to find it as the ocean is huge. The aircraft is minuscule compared to the vast ocean,” he told a press conference after launching the GO Phoenix Vessel (picture) and sophisticated underwater search equipment called the ProSAS towed side scan sonar at Freemantle Port.
Candidly speaking on the nasty comments about her work with the Permata early childhood programme and criticisms that she controlled her husband and that Najib feared her, she said the public should not "swallow whole" the online rumours that she described as "malicious".
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Friday prayer and 'hudud'...

"Many parties are now trying to question Islam rituals...I don't think it needs to be raised as we (the Muslims) have never criticised the practices of other religions" - Kelantan Mentri Besar Ahmad Yakob (pic)

Regardless of political ideology, I am with him. We must respect each others' religions. If we do, none of us will bear any bad feeling. 
KUALA LUMPUR: Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob told non-Muslims not to question a by-law that fines and jails Muslim men who skip Friday prayers for three consecutive times, after a legal group shone light on the matter.
Malay-language daily Utusan Malaysia reported Ahmad saying non-Muslims should respect the PAS state government’s move to enforce the Kelantan Council of the Religion of Islam and Malay Custom Enactment 1994, pointing out that it did not involve them.
“Many parties are now trying to question Muslim rituals,” Ahmad was quoted as saying in Kota Baru, Kelantan, yesterday.
“I don’t think it needs to be raised as we’ve never criticised the practices of other religions. For example, cremation. In Islam, we can’t do that, but we still respect those religions. So I hope that everyone will respect each other’s religions,” he added.
Ahmad also reportedly said the by-law was not meant to find fault or punish, but to ensure that Muslims better perform their religious obligations.
Legal activist group Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) has called the Kelantan by-law an “overkill” law that treats Muslims like “hardened criminals” placed under restricted residence.
The Kelantan by-law empowers state authorities to fine Muslim men up to RM1,000 or put them behind bars for up to a year, or both, for failing to attend Friday prayers thrice in a row.
LFL executive director Eric Paulsen said the law was unconstitutional, noting that the Federal Constitution provides citizens the right to personal liberty, equal protection of the law, freedom of movement and freedom of religion.
I believe this Eric Paulsen is a Christian. Its time for his 'non-Muslim lawyers for liberty' to stop questioning other religions.

There is 'hudud' in Islam but I don't fancy 'hudud for politics'. And read here, about RM1 million allocation for Kelantan to implement hudud next year.
KOTA BARU: Kelantan has set aside RM1mil to ensure the smooth implementation of hudud laws in the state next year.
Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob said on his Facebook that the laws were intended for the good of the people.
"A sum of RM1mil has been set aside for the purpose and with great hope that the people of Kelantan accept God's laws next year and cooperate with the government to make the Syariah Criminal Procedure Code a reality," he said.
Recently, a committee to fine-tune the Syariah Penal Code II 1993 headed by Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said work was 90% completed for a Private Member's Bill to be tabled in Parliament next year to enable the state to implement the laws by 2015.
Of course non-Muslims will be affected, and its their rights to question 'one or two'. PAS government has to come out clear with it.

However, do not question our 'solat Jumaat' because its only for Muslim men, not non-Muslims.

Happy Deepavali

I had and still enjoy marukku, chicken varuval, mutton kadai, bajji, laddoo and other delicacies for Deepavali.

I grew up with friends from the Kuala Sungai Baru estate, Masjid Tanah, Melaka; together we attended the same English school, played at the same 'padang' and padi field and shared our kampung in a unique way.

But those were the days.

Deepavali is yet another celebration me and the kampung folks looked forward. As there were more Malays than the Indians and Chinese, their (the Indians) houses received more non-Indians.

I really miss that... Happy Deepavali to Siva, Nathan, Samy 'Putu Mayom', Khrishnan, Mani 'Giant' and the Hindus.

If we had been one before, we can always be such once more...

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