Thursday, September 18, 2014

MAS angry rejection

Malaysia Airlines has valid reasons to sue those who 'made up stories' about Flight MH370, including defaming pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah (pic) of killing all crew and passengers in a suicidal mission.

I believe MAS should also get injunction to stop 'unwanted parties' to come up with unnecessary prophecies about the fate of MH370 until the plane is found and the result of investigation is fully completed and made public.

We have read and heard so many theories by so many experts who claimed of having knowledge of what actually happened to the plane and those on board.
MALAYSIA Airlines has issued an angry rejection of a book proposing to know what happened to flight MH370, and threatened legal action against its authors.
The book, Goodnight Malaysian 370, by journalist Geoff Taylor and former pilot and investigator Ewan Wilson points the finger at the aircraft’s pilot captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah as being solely responsible for the Boeing 777’s disappearance, and the apparent deaths of all 239 people on board.
Despite being published some weeks ago, Malaysia Airlines had not responded to its claims.
But a strongly worded statement issued by the airline today said it was appalled by the book’s claim the pilot “intentionally turned off the oxygen supply in the cabin and activated the autopilot feature”.
“There is no evidence to support any of the claims made in the book which is a product of pure conjecture for the purposes of profit by the authors and publishers,” said the statement.
“It must be noted that the duo are not involved in the investigation of MH370 yet they stray into the fields of science and medicine as self described “experts” offering an analysis beyond their knowledge and abilities.”
The airline pointed out that ongoing investigations were being conducted by a “strong international team led by Malaysia, with accredited representatives from the US, UK, Australia, China, France and Singapore”.
“Also included are representatives from relevant international organisations and the civil aviation industry, all individuals being widely acknowledged technically trained experts in their respective fields,” said the statement.
“The authors and publishers should quite simply be ashamed of themselves for what is nothing more than a cheap and maligned publicity stunt, seeking to simply cash in on the suffering of the families and undermining the dignity of all of those on-board.”
Other aviation industry insiders have backed the theory presented by Mr Taylor and Mr Wilson as “the most plausible in the absence of any other explanation”.

Former military pilot and air traffic control operator Peter Smith said his examination of the information of the material available on MH370 had led him to the same conclusion as the two New Zealanders.

An underwater search of a large area of the Indian Ocean is expected to start next month following painstaking mapping of the region.

Satellite and radar data has identified the search area as the most likely place where MH370 went down after diverting from its flight path between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. Those on board included six Australians, and Perth-based New Zealander Paul Weeks.

Malaysia Airlines said it would not hesitate to take legal action against those who seek to
publish, distribute disseminate and perpetuate misinformation and falsehoods.

“MAS has and will always be an airline with integrity and it will not tolerate baseless
allegations against the national icon,” the statement said.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PAS' pus

Dr Haron Din today urged the Ulama Council to review the party's political cooperation with DAP and PKR in light of growing 'fracas and uncertainty' in the opposition pact.

Among PAS' top spiritual leaders, Haron has of late criticised Pakatan Rakyat for being ignorance of issues that has been denting the opposition party, including in finding a suitable leader to replace Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor mentri besar.

It was a good suggestion, so to say. PAS in Pakatan Rakyat has all the way being turned into PKR dan DAP's political pony.
Datuk Dr Haron Din, PAS' deputy spiritual leader, said this was necessary in view of the challenging political situation that had given rise to slander and undermined the confidence and relations with the party's PR partners.
In his address opening the 53rd annual assembly of the PAS Ulama Council here today, Haron said the 'tahaluf siyasi' (political cooperation) had to be safeguarded in the interests of Islam and the party and not for individual interests.
"The 'tahaluf' takes place upon the advice of the ulama ... it is allowed because rules and conditions are met. So long as these rules and conditions are met, the ulama form the shield. Defend the 'tahaluf' for the sake of Islam and Muslims, not for the interests of individuals.
"If the 'tahaluf' is tainted, the conditions violated, the rules broken, it is fitting that the ulama reconsider if it should be continued.
"(If) the conditions have been violated, it is the ulama's responsibility to correct the situation ... I ask that it be looked at again," he said.
Calling on PAS members to return to the party's original struggle, Haron said they must rally behind the leadership of the ulama, resolve current issues, have faith in God and not focus on worldly matters.
Doesn't matter where PAS would go if it leaves Pakatan Rakyat. Even by not joining Barisan Nasional, it has the strength and capacity to stand on its own.

However, a split is also imminent. There is turbulence all around the Islamic party, something that worries its leaders, members and supporters.

The animosity between the two opposing factions in the party has reached such a disastrous level that only large doses of commitment and willpower to remain as a united front from top down can help save the Islamist party.

The presence of young men clad in black vests with large words, “Kami bersama president dan Majlis Syura Ulamak (We are with the president and Syura Ulama Council) at the Youth assembly at the Choon Moi Hall in Kota Tinggi on Tuesday was a  telling sign that all is not well.

The group of about 50 is part of the 700-odd Youth delegates at the party’s Youth Wing’s assembly who, allegedly staged a walkout as the party’s Deputy President Mohamad Sabu or Mat Sabu was delivering his speech at the opening ceremony and lingered outside instead.

Text messages on the incident, in which the vest-clad delegates are said to be from Terengganu, Federal Territories, Pahang and Selangor started circulating soon after the alleged incident.

Mat Sabu, who is at odds with party President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and the ulama class in the party over the protracted Selangor Menteri Besar crisis, had dismissed the incident saying the delegates could have left the hall to perform the Asar prayers, but those who witnessed the incident, claimed that was an unlikely situation.

Non-delegates inside the hall, however, pointed out that other delegates were responsive to Mat Sabu’s speech and this was, yet another sign of factionalism rearing its ugly head.

Not about Islam and Prophet

It's not about Islam, nor does it has anything to do with the Prophet. What's going on in Iraq and Syria is crime, a serious one that the whole world should condemn.

The Islamic State is a terrorist organisation but they do get support from some 'insane' people, including those in Malaysia. A few Malaysians had died for wanting to be 'martyrs' in Syria. Muslims killing Muslims and others.

And we keep coming across extremist groups, home and abroad. Well... hello, Islam is moderate, right?

One of the more redundant protest signs at recent demonstrations appeared during an Islamic Sydney insurrection of 2012. Many involved in the protest, including extremely young children, carried the sign: “Behead all those who insult the prophet.”

But it turns out that you don’t need to insult the prophet in order to be beheaded. US journalist James Foley – a supporter of Palestinian independence – never directed any slurs towards the prophet or to Islam in general, yet he was decapitated in August by Islamic State terrorists.

A second US journalist, Steven Sotloff, was beheaded earlier this month. Again, he was no enemy of Islam. Far from it. “He went to study Arabic and ended up staying,” said friend Ann Marlowe following Sotloff’s murder. “He loved being in a traditional society. He struck me as someone with a lot of respect for the Muslim world."

And now British aid worker British aid worker David Haines has also been beheaded by Islamic State maniacs, which proves that proximity to extremists is a far more likely cause of death than any Mohammed SAW mockery.

Haines, who worked with global charity Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development, had earlier spent time in Libya helping the disabled during the 2011 civil war. A less hostile individual you could not imagine.

The terrorists currently rampaging through Syria and Iraq, including dozens from other countries, don’t care in the slightest about any hostility towards Islam. They simply kill everybody who is not a member of Islamic State.

They’ll also kill anybody who is among one of the many Islamic State splinter groups or who defy Islamic State leadership, as a bunch of British Islamic State members may soon discover.

“Five Britons are among a gang of Islamic State fighters dubbed the ‘Cream Puff Brigade’ locked up in a torture camp after they pleaded to go home because they were disillusioned with jihadi war,” the UK Daily Express recently reported.

“They were stripped of their weapons and marched as ‘traitors’ to a punishment centre in the Syrian city of Raqqah, the so-called capital of the self-proclaimed ISIS caliphate."

Don’t anticipate a rapid return to Britain for the cream puffs. Don’t anticipate any insults, either, or even mentions of a certain faith, because Australia’s official sensitivity rating has increased in line with last week’s boost to our terrorism alert level.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Malaysia Day and 'separatist movement'

We celebrate Malaysia Day today, its 51st.

As the nation gets older, more demands and calls are heard for Sabah and Sarawak to leave Malaysia. The 'separatist movement', as you may call it, has been digging through history, sensationalising on inequality between the East and West and politicising local sentiments.

We believe the majority of Sabahans and Sarawakians are against them. They are too minor to deal with, and the best solution is for Putrajaya to ignore them.

They might grow bigger but we will be ready. Even Sabahans and Sarawakians will be there - for the sake of Malaysia.
KOTA KINABALU, Sept 15 (Bernama) -- Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman has described the actions of certain quarters to call for the state's secession from Malaysia as irresponsible.
"I believe the government is always willing to hear them out and ensure that our rights are safeguarded, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.
"I also want to stress here that the state government is committed in preserving peace and harmony among the people.
"It is the government's task and responsibility to build a nation that is progressive and successful," he said in his message in conjunction with the 51st Malaysia Day celebrations tomorrow (Sept 16).
Those inciting the secession issue are mainly opposition leaders, and some NGOs and individuals trying to gain attention and becoming unwanted heroes. In these days, you gotta to be a wanted criminal or thug to become famous.

The 'separatist voice' is just adding colors to our modern Malaysia. It wont be 'fun' without them. However, some of this clowns need to be apprehended and sent for correction. Yes, some practical jokes do not make us laugh.
Sabah’s presence in Malaysia will become meaningless if the federal government continues to dominate through its officers and agencies from the peninsula, Sabah opposition politician Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said in his Malaysia Day message.
Sabah had become “just a colony of Malaya” through the appointment of government officers, federal ministries, departments and agencies instead of allowing locals to fill these posts, the Bingkor assemblyman said.
"Sabah is slowly becoming a Malay unitary state of Malaya," said Kitingan, who is also chairman of Borneo Heritage Foundation.
He said Putrajaya had robbed Sabah of its independence, re-engineered the population and given political franchise to illegal immigrants.
Malaysia, he said, had become a “takeover project” through Umno, and through federal control of oil resources and tax revenues.
People like Jeffrey and a few more are fond of using the 'Sabah for Sabahans' tagline to strengthen their political platform.

Similarly, a few Sarawakian opposition leaders share the same 'motto' - Sarawak for Sarawakians, forgetting (actually they are aware) that those in the Peninsular had never avowed such territorial slogans.

They come to West Malaysia with ease, unlike 'orang Malaya' who have to abide by strict immigration procedure imposed by both states. We have about one million of them in 'Malaya', sharing and prospering together with us, with no barrier or restriction.

But people like Jeffrey and friends harbor a hidden agenda for Sabah and Sarawak. Whether its for better or worse, Malaysians - as a whole - will say NO to any secession plan.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Malaysians vs Malay-sians

DAP keeps on denying that there was a ‘Chinese Tsunami’ in the last General Election. According to DAP’s ‘common-sense’, the case of 97 per cent Chinese rejected BN in the last election is supposed to be referred to as ‘Malaysian’s Tsunami’ not ‘Chinese’. In the same breath, DAP insists that they are not ‘Chinese’ but instead, ‘Malaysians’.

If ‘Malaysians’ rejected BN, then who were those people who voted for BN in the election? Aren’t they Malaysians too? Since UMNO’s vote had increased despite BN’s worst performance, then the answer to the question must be the ‘Malays’. The Malays are not Malaysians, eh?

With that, DAP is indirectly saying that Malaysia is divided into two: the ‘Malaysians’ on one side, and ‘Malays’ on the side.

And now, DAP is pushing for a National Reconciliation in order to tackle the racial polarization problems. And I thought that we have no racial problems? I thought it was just a case of some ‘Malaysians’ prefers PR over BN?

I’ve been reading Lim Kit Siang’s blog and I can tell you that almost every piece of material in it is about racial problems. Since there are no more ‘race’ in Malaysia (because we are all ‘Malaysians’, according to Kit Siang’s common sense), this racial problems must be started by the ‘un-Malaysian-Malays-who-voted-UMNO’.

Now, can you see how Kit Siang plays his racist card?

If you can’t see that, then let me explain it to you:

Kit Siang is telling us that the problem of this country is the Malays in UMNO and that the only way to solve this problem is to get rid of Malays and UMNO. Without Malays and UMNO, Malaysia would be a better country.

Now, let me tell you what ‘better country’ means for Kit Siang:

A better country for Kit Siang is where the Malays no longer hold the political power and the chinese can build properties on any kampung they like; Kampung Baru would be first and foremost.

A better country for Kit Siang is when no Malays hold any top posts in any government agencies and GLCs anymore. A private company may pay double or triple to some stupid Chinese or expatriates, but never ever promote or hire even the most outstanding Malays for top posts. 

A better country for Kit Siang is when there are no more rooms for the Malays to compete with the Chinese – no UiTM, no GiatMara, no ASB, no government special bumi loans or grants to start a business, no nothing for the Malays! And there must also be no JAKIM and no Sultans to protect the needs of the Muslims in regards of their religion.

Again, the only thing that is holding ‘the Malaysians’ back from Kit Siang’s version of a ‘better country’ is UMNO and Malays! Am I right, Kit Siang?

There, I have laid it out to you loud and clear. If you like Kit Siang’s version of a better country, then it is your choice.

However, I would like to point out to you that you should not call yourself a Malaysian if you agree with Kit Siang. What Kit Siang has in mind is a replica of Singapore with himself as Lee Kwan Yew. Therefore, it will only make more sense if you call yourself a Singaporean instead.

To save the trouble for all of you guys who love Kit Siang’s idea of a better country, I suggest that you migrate to Singapore because that way, you don’t have to get rid of the Malays and UMNO. The only setback would be, it won’t be Kit Siang that is holding the power, but Lee Kwan Yew.

And this is why Kit Siang needs to turn Malaysia into Singapore so that he can be the power that be, and not any other guy from some other clans. Bottomline is, Kit Siang battle is all about power for himself or at least, his family.

As for me, I can never agree with Kit Siang. A person who refused to assimilate with the original settlers is simply arrogant and rude. History has proven that such a person is a definite tyrant. How does a tyrant make a good leader and create a better country?

In Malaysia, we have not one Kit Siang, but almost all these supposedly ‘Malaysians’ share Kit Siang’s dream of a better country where there is nothing Malaysian about it.

They refuse to honour the national language, they choose to be separated from the national education system, want to abolish or change the constitution, history, identity and everything that spells Malaysian. In fact they want to create another ‘Singapore’ on Malaysian ground, complete with a taste of ‘China’ in it.

For your information, my relatives in Australia are beginning to get pissed off of the Chinese immigrants over there for the same reason – they refuse to assimilate and started to build their own ‘territory’ – even seem to want to conquer the country, part by part, town by town. I mean, who can tolerate such attitude?

For me, a better country is where the people live in harmony by respecting each other mutually and equally. A better country is where the people share the love of the country just the same, embrace history and accept it as it is, learn from it and strive to be better, together.

You cannot claim to be a Malaysian until you can relate to Parameswara, Sultan Muzafar Shah, Hang Tuah, Tun Perak or Dato’ Bahaman or Mat Kilau or Kanang Anak Langkau…etc..

You see, although you have the rights to agree with Kit Siang about a ‘better Malaysia’, but that would mean that you have no rights to call yourself a ‘Malaysian’. And whatever you say will not change the fact that what happened in GE13 was definitely a Chinese Tsunami, not Malaysians.

It is not the ‘government’ that is a problem for DAP or Kit Siang, it is the ‘Malay-government’. It is not UMNO, but it is the fact that UMNO represents the Malays.

With DAP, it has always been the Chinese against the Malay-UMNO-government.

Posted by S.D Roswell

MH370: Believe it or not...

As to why the Chief of the Indonesian Police Force (POLRI) made claims that he knew what actually happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, is not an issue but what prompted him to is - more than 6 months after the plane disappeared.

Why only now, if he really knows what had happened to the Boeing 777-200.

Even the report by - naming the present Malaysia's Inspector-General of Police (IGP) as Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar - undermines their credibility. Khalid Abu Bakar must be laughing at it!
Jakarta - Indonesian media has reported the claimed made by the Chief of the Indonesian Police Force regarding what actually happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared with 239 people on March 2014.
As reported by, Police Chief General Sutarman said that he knows what had actually happened to the flight and had spoken to the Head of the Malaysian Police.
“I spoke to the Malaysian Poilce Chief Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar, I actually know what had actually happened with MH370,” said Sutarman in the presence of party representing Lion Air, and several high-ranking police officers in Jakarta as quoted by (12 Sep 2014).
Currently, the plane whereabout is still a mystery to the public. Despite his statement, General Sutarman was reluctant to tell reporters on what are the things that he knows surrounding the tragic disappearance of the Boeing 777 plane that was enroute from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
However, is there anything Khalid knows and hides it from us?

It is not a 'main-main thing' for the Indonesian police boss to simply created and boasted his stories on MH370. I think he was serious as it will rake off his credibility if he lied.
Malaysian police denied media reports in Indonesia that the police were aware of the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370, on March 8. Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar told Bernama that he was shocked by such media reports since Malaysian police did not have any information about the missing flight MH370.
"I would like to know which media and when such a report was published! I will ask my counterpart in Kapolri (Police Chief of Indonesia Jeneral Sutarman) whether he had said anything about the issue.
"I was not informed of any such report," he said.
Yesterday, an Indonesian online portal ( quoted Sutarman as saying that Kapolri and the Malaysian police knew the reason for the disappearance of MH370 but would not elaborate further.
In a latest development, the search and rescue (SAR) team has exposed 58 solid objects on the Indian Ocean seabed, said Transport Ministry Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

In a report by an online news portal, the Liow was quoted saying that the Joint Agency Coordination Centre is in the midst of recovering the objects.

The 58 object, he said, could possibly be wreckage from the ill-fated jetliner.

The ministry will verify the objects in its effort to draw a sound conclusion, said Liow during a press conference after officiating the MCA Selangor state convention at Wisma MCA here today.

Malaysia’s Petronas will deploy 'Go Phoenix' vessel – normally used for oil exploration -- for the search mission at the southern tip of the Indian Ocean floor.

The asset is expected to arrive in Perth, Australia on Sept 21. 'Go Phoenix' will be accompanied by Australia’s Furgo Discovery ship to search the floor using towed vehicles, equipped with wide-sonar synthetic aperture sonar, multi-beam echo sounders, video cameras, all deployed to locate this aircraft.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dr M: Malays the shameful lot

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sticks to his opinion that the Malays are 'a shameful, lazy lot' for lagging behind other race, especially the Chinese in Malaysia

Amid criticism from various parties for his standpoint, he said the Malays fail to emulate others in elevating their economic position and refuse to learn how the Chinese and other race had worked hard to build a better future.

A-ah! I believe he is ready for more critics. He has the right to opine.
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad defended his criticism of Malays, admitting that he was ashamed that they had been left behind by the forward-thinking Chinese community.
Malaysia's longest-serving prime minister said the Malays were still lazy, citing the gender imbalance at institutions of higher learning where the majority was women.
"The Malays are lazy, they are not interested in studying and revising. If we go to the universities, 70% of the students are women, where are the men?"
"They prefer to become Mat Rempit, that is why I said they are lazy," Dr Mahathir told Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia in an exclusive interview published today.
Earlier this week when launching a book, Dr Mahathir had lamented that Malays do not feel ashamed of failures anymore.
He had admitted that he failed to change the mentality of the Malays in his 22 years as prime minister.
"I spend 22 years trying to change the Malays but I admit I failed. However, there are a few success stories," he said in his remarks after launching a book by Anas Zubedy on Thursday.
"If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy," he had said.
Dr Mahathir said although the Malays had been awarded places in institutions of higher learning, but they did not make full use of their time to focus on their studies.
"I am ashamed when I see the Chinese students studying three different languages but still have a better grasp of the English language compared to their Malay peers.
"The Malays study two languages, Bahasa Malaysia and English, but they keep saying all right, that is enough, no need to learn English anymore."
Dr Mahathir was referring to Putrajaya's decision to abolish the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English, which he had introduced in 2003.
The former Umno president said it was disappointing that the Malays were dishonest and lacked integrity because they prioritised money more compared to the Chinese.
Dr Mahathir said he was operating a bakery and had various staff working for him, including Chinese, Malay and Myanmar nationals.
"However, what I am ashamed of is that when some Malay workers see money, they forget themselves and their values.
"They see money and if they can steal it, they steal it. The Chinese are not like this," Dr Mahathir told the weekend edition of the paper, Mingguan Malaysia.
He also raised the issue of Malay attitude when it came to debts, saying they could afford to repay their debts but refused to do so.

"How many Malays are there who refuse to settle their debts? They receive scholarships and student loans but refuse to pay back.

"This is not a question of being unable to, they have the money but just refuse to honour their commitments. We must be honest."

Dr Mahathir said this was one of the factors why many contracts had been awarded to the Chinese community because they were more honest than Malays.