Friday, January 31, 2014

CNY and the Malays

                      GONG XI FA CAI

To Malaysians, especially our Chinese friends, Happy Chinese New Year. In his message, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said:
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday paid tribute to the Chinese community for their famed entrepreneurial skills, saying their support is vital to Putrajaya’s transformation programmes.
"Despite the transformation advances we have made, we still have a long way to go and much work to do.
"The programmes need the support from of people of all walks of life - especially from the Chinese community who are known for their entrepreneurial skills," Najib wrote in a Chinese New Year message on his blog
 There were other comments (or remarks) about the Chinese on the eve of CNY.

Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan told the Malays to cease their 'anger and envy' towards the Chinese for the success in many areas, especially the economy. Instead, he said the Malays have only themselves to blame if they have no ambition to become entrepreneurs and improve their lot in life. Hmmm....(any comment?)

Former Cabinet minister Zaid Ibrahim, on the other hand said the Malays are wasting their time being 'uselessly' angry at political issues when they should direct efforts at closing a long-perceived gap to the Chinese community. The Malays, he said should copy the Chinese and not blame them...

(To me, the Chinese are inspiring)

Malays are wasting their time being “uselessly” angry at political issues when they should direct efforts at closing a long-perceived gap to the Chinese community, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said in a blog post yesterday.
The former law minister also called on Umno and Malay rights group Perkasa to abandon their strategy of making the Chinese community a “bogeyman” and for the dominant race to instead adopt a business-centric approach instead of blaming them for their own shortcomings.
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Anonymous said...

Are they the type of Malay leaders that we have now?
Didnt they realize they were rejected by almost 95% of the chinese?
What a laugh....
They are what we call "Melayu tak sedar diri".
Next time stop wasting our money to buy private jets, chanel handbags, holidays, cars, stupid umnobn functions, etc.

Ghazali said...


Anonymous said...

Ahmad maslan and zaid brainer...stupid statement

Anonymous said...

Poor Cinabeng. The Malays are nice only when Chinese New Year come around.

After that, it's all back to hentam kaw kaw Cina Babi just for the sake of political expedience.

Cinabengs are the real fools. All should start behaving like the Malays and wait for handouts, subsidies, BR1M and BR.... whatever. Children education are also Govt. responsibility in education, scholarships, jobs and finally upon death also subsidy for burial.

Go get a life.

mat13 said...

to me Malaysian Chinese are all asshole.

empat mata said...

mat maslan ni memang bongok sikit. dia selalu cakap hal2 yang dia sendiri tak paham!

macam mana boleh jadi timbalan menteri pun, tak tau!

vincent said...

gong xi fa cai jai.

we are all malaysians.

lets put all the bad episode behind us and start fresh to build the nation together

Anonymous said...

agree with PM - reject any form of extremism.

we have seen one to many already

cheah, senai said...



Anonymous said...

Unlike the chinese the malay business community do not have the community lets do well together spirit. D govt says it has a lot of schemes for entrepreneurs but when you call the specific agency, nobody cares unless you r a somebody or a somebody recommends you..