Monday, January 27, 2014

Dialogue: Zahid can lead

UPDATE 9PM:  KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27 - Prime Minister Datuk Najib Razak said today that he will bring Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s idea of a “national consensus” to the Cabinet. The prime minister said he had first mooted the idea after the general election last May but that allegations of phantom voters and opposition-led rallies denouncing the election results had overshadowed events. “Seeing that it is our initial suggestion that has resurfaced, let me discuss this with the Cabinet. Whatever it is, we want our country to be peaceful,” he told reporters after launching the “Maps of Malaya and Borneo: Discovery, Statehood and Progress” here.

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today welcomed Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) call for a bipartisan dialogue on national issues and said the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition should take up the offer.

The Umno vice-president also said the proposal which was mooted by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was a proactive move on the part of the federal opposition as the country faces growing uneasiness over various hot button issues of late.

Zahid was first to react on the proposal, meant to address various boiling issues that could jeopardise national unity. And of course, extreme politicking is to be blame.

I personally believe Zahid could lead the way by persuading Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to accept the idea. However, there must be no 'demands or conditions' set. 
PETALING JAYA: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had called on all Malaysians and politicians from both sides of the political divide, to work towards a national consensus.
“It does not matter whether you are with Pakatan Rakyat or with Barisan Nasional, or that you are with neither party, nor that you are independent or even totally apolitical, I want to reach out to all with this message,” he said in his special message in Petaling Jaya, Sunday.
“I call on you, my fellow Malaysians to rise up and let your voices be heard. Let your voice of mutual respect and goodwill, your voice of understanding and trust, and your voice of unity and integration prevail over these voices of hatred, rancour, hostility and destruction,” he said.
For the time being, Zahid must direct the relevant authorities, notably the police to step up surveillance in 'sensitive areas' like Penang where the mercury on Muslim-Christian agitation on the 'Allah' issue kept rising.

There are people who tried to incite racial riot among Malaysians, for reason we do not know.
For the time being, Zahid must ask the authorities, notably the police to step up surveillance in 'sensitive areas', especially Penang where the mercury on Muslim-Christian agitation on 'Allah' polemic kept rising.The 'Allah' issue can at anytime explode into a racial riot should the government is not able to douse it off.
Three Catholic churches in Penang have lodged police reports after controversial banners bearing the word "Allah" surfaced outside several churches yesterday morning.
The Star reported that representatives from Church of the Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus, Church of the Assumption in Lebuh Farquhar and St John Britto in Jalan Sungai Pinang lodged reports following the incident.
George Town OCPD Asst Comm Gan Kong Meng said the matter is being investigated under the Sedition Act.
He said police was studying CCTV footage and had stepped up patrols outside churches.
However, all parties must advise members to stop any provocative action before the dialogue can be set. It is time for Umno, MCA, DAP, PAS, PKR and the rest to consider it and put national interest above all.

Whether Anwar was sincere in making the call on Sunday, is secondary. What's important is for all parties to give it a try.

Zahid, as a senior politician, knows best...


mat gombau said...

salam waghih,

den pecayo datuk zahid buleh main peranan bosa dalam dialog yang dicadangkan oleh nuar tu.

zahid pun ponah gapat dgn nuar, jadi dio tau luar dalam ketuo pembangkang ni.

eloklah buek copek domi kesejahteraan negaro kito ni.

orang islam ko, kristian ko, buddha ko kono tolak ansur dan hormati undang2 yang ado semugo semuo eh selosai dgn elok.

chulalongkorn said...

i support the notion.

if its for national unity, there shouldnt be any condition nor demand put forward by any party.

get on with it zahid!

penangan said...

salam tn,

jika anwar yang buat syor, maknanya dia serius.

walaupun dia ketua pembangkang, dia pun islam dan melayu macam kita. dia orang lama dalam politik dan saya yakin dia benar2 nak duduk berunding hal bersama ni.

jika datuk zahid setuju, BN dan Pakatan boleh duduk semeja dan berbincang secara hati ke hati - ke mana nak kita bawa negara ni selepas ni.

begitu juga rakyat berbilang bangsa dan agama, perlu bertolak ansur.

jika negara huru-hara, tidak ada siapa pun yang untung - semua akan rugi dan terjejas!

Anonymous said...

saya sokong datuk zahid.

kita semua perlu sokong.

Anonymous said...

its time to be a man, everybody.

u want to see the country goes down the drain, go on with your provocative actions.

i have a big family and i want them to live without any fear in this country.

u guys my go on with your racist politics but please, not us!

Anonymous said...


no way for BN and PR to sit down together. they are like tigers and lions, they cant share the same den!

so, forget it!

lets continue with the 'war'!

Anonymous said...

You really believe in this Anwar? Really?

For all the years, we have learned that all his moves are calculated political move.

I wonder what he is up to this time.

Anonymous said...

After he had accused the government was behind it when he was barred from entering Japan, all of a sudden he's trying to be chummy and suddenly concern with the state of the country. He now asked the government to meet him for national consensus. As if nothing had happened in the past and we've already forgotten. National consensus? I mean seriously? from him?
How many times the country had been gripped with troubles and agitations because of his shenanigans. Have you all forgotten? Have you forgotten how far this guy had went to bring down the government of today to fulfill his colossal ambition. With all the rallies, Black 505, 16 September, the hearsay, the lies, the 40k Bangladeshi voters, Bentong blackout, you still want to fiddle with his latest request. Not too long ago, when Najib was about to be appointed as PM after Pak Lah passed the baton, who had sent a letter to the palace not to appoint Najib? And on what capacity the letter was sent? Why would the palace should bother reading the letter in the first place let alone consider the request.
He's trying to manoeuvre to get a meeting with the highest office. He's trying to get his foot in this. We don't know what he's being up to. We should be wary about that. If he is honest and sincere, there's Parliament. It is more official and transparent and we too could see what they have got to offer. Please don't waste your time in this Mr. PM.

opium said...


for once, pls all level-headed leaders (only) sit down do find an amicable solution to all these worrisome issues.

we need to stabilize our nation before telling others to manage theirs.

anwar was not joking, and zahid too.

najib must listen to the rakyat, they want peace and stability!

suriram said...

lets each and every of us cool down and think as malaysians.

we never had such problems after may 13 1969 and we must avoid those who are trying to make it happen again.

think in the spirit of brotherhood!

pro-Pakatan said...

biarlah datuk zahid ketuai pihak BN, anwar di pihak PR.

elok gak bincang macam adik-beradik.

aku pun dah fed-up dengan benda2 macam ni... ramai lagi rakyat fed-up

Anonymous said...

leave PM out of this. let zahid shoulder it.

Anonymous said...

boleh percaya ke anwar ni?

aku tak percaya langsung.

selepas apa yang dibuatnya, dia tak layak jadi wakil rakyat pun!

Anonymous said...

yeah man!

at least give it a try... or a cry!

Anonymous said...

Anu war lah yang menjadi punca segala masalah yang bermula dari tahun 1998 sehingga kini..

tidak perlu berunding dengan peliwat tegar ini ..

dia perlu dihapuskan ... semoga ajalnya segera dengan kedatangan malaikat maut!!!

Anonymous said...

happo kek jadahnyo nak berdialog pulak jang oooiiiii.....Anwar, dan PR udah tercopit dgn issue ALLAH...beria ria nak monang undi kristian Sabah dongen nie terduduk di Selangor....padan muko dia.....jangan di layan....ini masalah SELANGOR bukan PERSEKUTUAN....negeri negeri BN tak do masalah puuunnnn......

Anonymous said...

Tak percaya dengan Anwar sejak mula mengetahui yang dia kaki liwat dan tetap tak akan mempercayainya untuk selama-lamanya!

Anonymous said...

lets do it.

no more time to ding-dong on national peace and stability!

ajau, bintulu said...

semoga semuanya berjalan lancar. agaknya anwar dah sedar macam mana pembangkang menghuruharakan negara.

jika kabinet setuju, ia mesti diadakan dalam semangat 1malaysia, tanpa banyak polemik politik

Anonymous said...

If the dialogue not led by Anwar but PAS at least there are chances it would be fruitful but AnWAR...PLS LAH...Zahid cannot be that stupid? or is he? Are you serious that Anwar care about the nation? he is only interested to be the PM. How can people forget him bad-mouthing Najib's administration?

This charm offensive by him is his last political dance to offer. Pro Mahathir people are not buying whatever Anwar is selling...only his supporters will!

penjaja buah said...

jgn fikir anwar ikhlas atau tidak. yg penting kestabilan nasional perlu dipulihkan dengan kerjasama semua pihak. najib pun cakap dia pernah sebut hal ni selepas PRU mei tahun lepas dan ia mungkin boleh didiadakan jika Kabinet bersetuju. apapun, kita sebagai rakyat perlu bagi peluang kepada mereka untuk cuba sedaya upaya. kita tengok siapa yang ikhlas sebenarnya...

gampangKAU said...

Anwar should go to hell first. Don't waste time with his latest antic lah.

He is the one that instigate all these religious and racial provocations together with his DAPsters LGE LKS along with Hadi+Mat Sabu.

His sodomy case is coming soon and his strategic move is DIVERSION.

He is a compulsive liar. Malaysia would be peaceful without him and the likes of LGE LKS.

Once a liar will always be a liar to death.

Anonymous said...

Wtf anwar can go to hellllllllll.