Friday, January 31, 2014

MCA: staging a come back?

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today asked voters in Kajang to give MCA a chance to display its mettle in the upcoming state seat by-election.

Dr Mahathir said the people must understand that the Barisan Nasional component party was trying to make a comeback after its dismal performance in last year's general election.
“Some parties do come back.

"We should contest. Never give a walkover to anybody," said Dr Mahathir when asked if MCA stood a chance to reclaim the Kajang state seat, which fell vacant after its assemblyman, PKR's Lee Chin Cheh, resigned on Monday to make way for opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Dr Mahathir said that it was customary for BN to field a candidate in all by-elections, and saw no reason why it should not battle it out in Kajang.

"We don't care where... we contest and we should," he added.


Before Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin announced that BN will contest Kajang seat, there were suggestions for BN not to field its candidate. In other words, BN should boycott the by-election because it was a dirty game by PKR to become Selangor mentri besar.

At first, I do agree with such suggestions. We should boycott it although there is a 50-50 chance for BN to win (ha ha ha).

However, after giving it some thoughts, I agreed that we must contest. But MCA should be given the opportunity.

Kajang will be a test for MCA, an arena to proof whether the Chinese (who are the majority) would make a U-turn and reject Pakatan Rakyat for its political disarray and bickering in Selangor.

It will be a good sign for MCA and BN if the vote percentage increases as compared to May 2013 result - even if MCA is defeated. At least its a positive sign for the party and BN to draw a new strategy in preparing for the 14th general election.

As Dr Mahathir said, MCA is making a comeback.

I hope so...


Anonymous said...

More Like Flogging a Dead Horse!

Or more Accurately To Blame a Dead Horse when they lose!

tauke lim said...

a comeback?

what comeback?

let MCA contest in kajang and the result will be more damaging!

that also u dont know aaar!!!


green apple said...

itu cuma saranan tun dr mahathir. keputusan sebenar terletak di tangan perdana menteri sendiri, selepas mendapat persetujuan semua parti komponen BN.

tak salah dr mahathir membuat syor berkenaan.

mungkin ada kebenaran kata2 beliau tu...

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya setuju dengan tun dr mahathir.

MCA patut diberi peluang kerana ia akan jadi kayu pengukur kepada kebangkitan MCA, jika betul lah.

walaupun peluang menewaskan anwar amat sukar, namun BN perlu letakkan seorang calon keturunan cina di sana.

kita tengok sekali lagi, orang cina pilih bangsanya sendiri atau parti yang ada hubungan dengan DAP!

kaniney said...

wah lan ney!

better boycott the by-election, as suggested by some.

no point contesting a dirty and filthy seat like kajang!

i hope voters in kajang will boycott it too... dont vote at all!

minah toncet said...


anwar pun dah mintak, kalau boleh BN jangan bertanding.

biarkan je dia menang.

kita tengok betul ke dia nak jadi MB selangor.

boleh bungkus satu negeri tu gamaknya!

Anonymous said...

.. it is good for MCA, never mind what other people say.. after all MCA have nothing to loose if they lost the game

pengundi kajang said...

saya setuju jika BN pulaukan pilihanraya kecil kajang. kerusi tu amat kotor kerana permainan pakatan rakyat, khususnya PKR. bersih pun cakap cara lim chin cheh letak jawatan adalah sesuatu yang kotor dan melanggar prinsip. memang elok kita pulaukan!

Anonymous said...

bagi la peluang pada anwar.

dia nak buka lebih banyak gerai sate, kedai sate yang ada air-con.

sate pun akan turun harga, silap2 dapat free selagi dia jadi Adun!

sate tambahan mestilah sate buntut ayam dan buntut lembu serta sate buntut kambing!

Anonymous said...

a chinese candidate must contest in kajang.

MCA can do it... for a test of its come back!

Anonymous said...


warrrghhh kah kah!

lauda said...

doesnt matter if MCA, MIC or Umno contesting in Kajang because the result can be well anticipated. it will go to anwar and PKR.

but better fight him!

Anonymous said...

Go..Go..Go.. MCA..whats you got lose...don't care win or lose ..fighting spirit for BN ..most important...lose to big contender its ok rather than lose to small contender...Go! Datuk Ong Kim Swee to stand also can...Gong Xi Fa Chai to all BN Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Tun M is spot on. MCA should be a candidate so we can judge the Chinese sentimen.

My view is the Chinese will vote anything with exception of BN...

Looking foreward for this view to be reinforced in Kajang by -election so that can say to Najib, well we did tell you so.....huhu still mahu beri 10 juta to bla bla bla..


Anonymous said...

No. BN don't stand a chance in Kajang, especially MCA. 90% of the Chinese will not vote for them, neither will most Malays. Do you think Anwar would choose a seat where there's even the smallest chance he could lose? They should accept facts and not fall for Anwar's games.
If MCA contest, I can already tell you what will happen. We'll see Najib giving millions to some Chinese school in front of crowds cheering "I love PM". Then they'll all turn round and vote for Anwar. Najib will end up looking stupid AGAIN, and loyal BN supporters will be even more pissed off with him.
BN must leave this one well alone. Let someone else challenge Anwar, maybe someone with strong Islamic credentials. He is vulnerable because of his moral issues, liberalism and the Allah issue. Of course, Anwar will still win, but if most Malays there reject him, it will at least damage him.

Anonymous said...

I suggest Chua Soi Lek to challenge Anwar. Both have lots of thing in common. They were federal ministers before, Now their son/daughter are MPs & party VP. But most interesting they were porno stars & and the only different is that; sorang gentlemanly mengaku, yang sorang lagi tetap tak mengaku 'look like me but not me' (MANA JAM OMEGA). Kajang will be flooded with videos!!!!

Anonymous said...

why mca umno tak boleh ke
better chance with umno

Anonymous said...

This Suggestion by Dr M in is tantamount to Hammering The Last Nail into MCA's Coffin!

It is a great suggestion in that it will solve UMNO's Problem of having to face an impending loss.

Anonymous said...

MCA will give those in Pakatan a run for their money in Kajang.

joe black said...

Looks like All of the UMNO Bloggers prefers to tow Mahathir's Line rather than even consider listening to Najib. Notice the U Turns they make when Dr M calls for BN to Contest despite them having no stomach for contesting.

Even if there is no concerted effort by Dr M to topple Najib, the obvious is that he is calling the shots and dictate which way things will go for BN. The way it is going, it is best for Najib to just Abdicate and let Dr M Rule.

Anonymous said...