Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pitting Zahid, Dr M, Najib and Muhyiddin...

That's the motive of an article carried by the Asia Sentinel (and reproduced by Malaysia Chronicle) yesterday.

Titled 'Is Time Running Out for Najib?', it says former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and allies are setting a date for Najib to move out of office. The 'allies' are meant for Home Minister and Umno vice-president Zahid Hamidi and a few party seniors.

Take it as a political prognostication but the timing was not right, especially when Najib and Umno are embroiled in domestic problems - ranging from the agitation of Muslims and Christians over 'Allah' issue, personal assassination of Najib by some quarters (including the media and pro-Umno new media players) and wide discontentment over the spiraling cost of daily goods.

To me, its a malformation. Whoever wrote the article has got nothing in mind but to see Najib surrender his post to the person most qualified, and in this context Zahid was tipped as the 'righteous' candidate. At 61, the Home Minister is deemed as most fit to become the next PM, and not 66-year old Muhyiddin.
Forces aligned with former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad appear to be attempting push embattled Malaysian Premier Najib Tun Razak into giving a time frame for his eventual departure from office and naming a successor, sources in Kuala Lumpur say.
The sources say that successor could be hard-line Home Affairs Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, 61, who was once an ally of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim when Anwar was still in Mahathir’s government. Zahid is third in line for succession and his rise would bypass Muhyiddin Yassin, the current deputy president of UMNO and deputy prime minister, who is 66. Muhyiddin has said he will retire soon.
It should be noted that Najib operates from a position of relative invulnerability, given that both national and intraparty elections are out of the way, leaving him  secure at least until the next UMNO general assembly late this year. However, the scenario, the sources say, is similar to that forced upon Najib’s immediate predecessor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was pushed come up with a timeline in 2008 after the Barisan’s disastrous political showing in general elections. At that time, the ruling coalition lost its two-thirds majority in parliament for the first time in history. The campaign to push out Badawi lasted from the May 2008 election until April 2009, when Najib took office.
Although Mahathir left office as prime minister in 2003, he has kept up a constant barrage of criticism about the way the country has been run, quitting UMNO near the end of Badawi’s reign in supposed outrage over party politics. He reawakened with force after the 2013 general election, charging that Najib’s election strategy of reaching out to the country’s 40 percent of minority voters was a mistake.
Najib is also under heavy public pressure because of rising prices due to the withdrawal of subsidies and other reasons, not least of which is dissatisfaction with the ostentatious behavior of his wife, Rosmah Mansor. He has also been widely criticized for being out of touch with the rakyat, or citizenry. He was ridiculed for saying that while some prices had gone up, the price of “kangkong [water spinach] has fallen but why don’t they praise the government?”
The drumbeat of anger over corruption in UMNO also continues, with the Mahathir forces alleging that vote-buying was used to deny Mahathir’s politician son Mukhriz a top position in last September’s UMNO party elections.
An increasing number of Mahathir’s long-time allies, including former New Straits Times editor-in-chief A. Kadir Jasin and Zainuddin Maidin, the former information minister, have called for the prime minister to take the 88-year-old Mahathir back into government as a “minister mentor” akin to what Lee Kuan Yew did in Singapore from 2004 to 2011 before ostensibly retiring from politics. Former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin, another Mahathir ally, has also made public statements disparaging Najib’s premiership.
Mukhriz on Sunday gave an interview to the Malay-language newspaper Berita Harian, saying that “Defeat [in the next general election] is a real possibility if Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak continues with his present policy of correct but unpopular decisions, especially on issues concerning the rising cost of living,"
Mukhriz was subsequently slapped down publicly by Tengku Adnan Tenku Mansor, the UMNO secretary general, and told to use party channels to express his concerns.
Some sources in Kuala Lumpur say the move to return Mahathir to government is unlikely to succeed. One UMNO source aligned with the Mahathir wing of the party, said the real game is getting Najib to move along.
“The ball is in Najib's court,” he said. “If he prefers war, he will get it.”
Zahid Hamidi has been regarded as something of a loose cannon. Once a close Anwar ally, Zahid was arrested and held in prison along with Anwar in 1998. However, he later returned to UMNO saying Anwar had impelled him to raise allegations of cronyism and nepotism in the party.
Since becoming home affairs minister, he has issued a number of incendiary statements against opponents who were unhappy with the political system after the Barisan lost the popular vote but held onto its majority in parliament.
He has threatened to crack down on opposition leaders, dissent and crime. During a speech in Malacca, he was recorded as saying police should “shoot to kill” gangsters in a campaign to cut down violent crime. He has also become a lightning rod for making racially inflammatory remarks that have alienated the Chinese and Indian minority.
A bad prophecy, you may call it. Its merely a ploy to run a wedge among Umno top leadership. Those behind it are political ghouls!

I don't think Dr Mahathir wants Najib to be replaced. If not for reasons Dr Mahathir himself knows, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wouldn't have replaced him as prime minister at the end of 2003. His choice was Najib, everybody remembers that.

So, there is no valid reason for Dr Mahathir gets a replacement for Najib. Even Umno doesn't want Najib to quit amid criticism by some of the party leaders about his 'slow motion' in attending to some boiling issues.

Zahid? He is one of Najib's close aides in the Cabinet. He honors Najib's trust in him. The Home Minister portfolio is considered a senior position, and ever since he switched portfolio with Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein after May 2013 general election, the prime minister seldom intervened in his job.

Knowing him, Zahid will never 'lawan taukeh'. No way will he oppose the one-way street to elevate his Cabinet post.

By the way, who is Sentinel's so-called correspondent in Malaysia? I wish to have a chat with him/her!


tauke lim said...

well written bro. someone gotta defend najib and BN govt.

sentinel corespondent?

u may ask the opposition.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

lennon said...

cant agree more.

umno will not ask najib to step down. in fact, najib is getting more support from the malays after some assholes ridiculed his 'kangkung' statement.

he has his own way in managing the country.

he is not as stupid as his critics!

Anonymous said...

dtk zahid bukan jenis lawan tokeh, saya setuju sangat. dia bukan macam anwar brahim ketika jadi timbalan dr mahathir!

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya pun yakin dr mahathir takkan berbuat demikian kerana najib adalah 'orang beliau'.

tuduhan bahwa dr mahathir campur tangan dalam hal-ehwal kabinet juga tidak benar kerana selepas meletak jawatan pada hujung 2003, beliau sudah cuci tangan walaupun sekali-sekala menegur kepincangan yang berlaku.

seperti tuan sebut, umno tidak akan membiarkan najib dihenyak oleh pihak2 yang ingin menjatuhkannya, apatah lagi melihat najib berseorangan menghadapi 'perangnya'.

rencana asia sentinel ini bersifat jahat dan memang berniat melaga-lagakan zahid dengan najib.

begitupun, kita percaya zahid boleh naik ke atas apabila masanya tiba... secara teratur, jika diizinkan tuhan!

choo cheng kay said...

u can find many such writers in the opposition camp.

if they are foreigners, the are well paid!

u dont believe me?

joe black said...

Armchair Analyst and Commentators wil always do what they normally do...Armchair Commentary.

Somehow there seems to be a sense of desperation emanating from UMNO Bloggers lately. Is that desperation out of Fear that BN is being molested by its own inadequate leaders?

Stupid Statements made by leaders have a way of lingering on longer than those made by analysts and gooks. So never fear analyst remarks but do fear those made by foot in the mouth diseased leaders.

joe black said...

Armchair Analyst and Commentators wil always do what they normally do...Armchair Commentary.

Somehow there seems to be a sense of desperation emanating from UMNO Bloggers lately. Is that desperation out of Fear that BN is being molested by its own inadequate leaders?

Stupid Statements made by leaders have a way of lingering on longer than those made by analysts and gooks. So never fear analyst remarks but do fear those made by foot in the mouth diseased leaders.

Anonymous said...

"Lawan Taukeh" is a phenomenon as old as politics itself - some do it openly, some surreptitiously and some by proxy. Especially so, if the taukeh is perceived to be weak, ineffective and "lawannable". Many are not questioning Najib's ways of doing things. People just don't see the results after 5 years under him and the previous 5 years under his predecessor. Methodology does not equate ability.

Anonymous said...

Kalau sudah banyak sangat laporan negatif tentang pucuk kepimpinan sekarang serta kritikan dalam media; maka sudah mesti nyalah sesaorang itu bermuhasabah diri nya dan memberi laluan kepada bakal pemimpin yang berkaliber, tegas serta berperinsip untuk memerintah negara ini.

Anonymous said...

For me, i never trust a kangkong minded leader! He sent all his ministers for what they called as 'media training'. In fact, he is the most perfect person for such training!

Ibarat CRAB suruh org jalan lurus!

Anyway, like other Ahjib defender bloggers, you have the right to say anything. But for me, since I had 10 years experience working with this Mahathir, I can say, if compared to Ahjib is like langit dgn bumi!

P/s: A PM with bunch of advisor, is much like an OKU!

Anonymous said...

If Mahathir is disapproving Najib, he has openly rebuked him already. If he still didn't say a world on Najib's handling of the country, it implies that he still believed Najib is still the right man to lead.
But how much longer will it lasts? if things still don't improve, will Mahathir continues with his wait and see mode?

Anonymous said...

who owns and operate sentinel? is it KL-based?

sky high said...

cool stuff!

zahid is a loyalist. those who know him can tell his determination to work for the boss and the country.

once a close aide of anwar and spent time in kamunting together, zahid is a man of principles and he doesnt easily sway to the ugly side of politics.

he has the potential to become a DPM or PM but let time decides...

Anonymous said...

who says mahathir doesnt meddle with the administration!

he got so many hands in it and for that reason, najib feels dejected!

untung said...


saya setuju dr m tidak akan berbuat demikian. beliau sayangkan umno dan ingin melihat keadaan pulih seperti sediakala.

najib perlukan sedikit masa dan banyak sokongan untuk memantapkan semula kerajaan.

segala kata nista terhadap beliau adalah lumrah dan tidak menjejaskan beliau pun.

Anonymous said...

if zahid becomes PM, who will be his deputy?

shafie or hisham?


dinda said...

cukup2lah buat rencana ramal itu dan ini. elok suruh sentinel dan yang lain2 tulis pasal macam mana nak rapatkan semula hubungan sesama rakyat malaysia yang berlainan bangsa dan agama ni. jangan biarkan negara musnah oleh anasir2 subversif dan komunis yang ada hari ni...

Anonymous said...

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has got one.

Anonymous said...

I am from the kapal layar era. My comments are neutral. Ask ourselves honestly. Is Najib without weakness and runs the country on auto mode now.? So much so, dependence on consultants is a must factor now. Everything and every decisions comes from the consultants. Is it a necessity.? So what about the kaki tangan kerajaan . Are they dumb and dumber.? Apple polishing is a trend. But too much apple polishing makes jack a dumb boy. The rakyat on the ground are crying with hikes of prices, yet to solve the problem, first attempt to pacify the rakyat is to cut spending of ministers and senior government servants. Try compare rakyat meager salary to ministers allowances and senior government servants. Dont talk of kangkung its a total disaster and an embarrassments to the rakyats mental faculties. Bad PR maneuvers. Private jets, a fleet of it, to debunk this fact is like menegang kan benang basah. Abuse of priveledge by the wife of the PM ,usage of jets. No doubt it says , it is approved by the cabinet, is the cabinet without faults. Try talking to Queen E of the Uk of this issue. Never in the history of perhimpunan agung umno the "el presidente" talks about his wife contributions to the country. Does'nt it diminish his powers as PM with other sovereign countries.? Udah udah lah . Nak puji pun berpada lah. Saya bukan pembangkang, saya sayang bangsa saya yang di lanyak dari segi ugama, dari segi hak saya sebagai bumiputera, raja raja saya di perli dan di hina. Itu saja.

Anonymous said...

penulis tu banyak mimpi... suruh dia terjun menara KL je!

BotakAlorGajah said...


"Knowing him, Zahid will never 'lawan taukeh'. No way will he oppose the one-way street to elevate his Cabinet post". This is what you wrote. maksud nya, tidak melawan akan bossnya kan.

Jadi edan nak tanyo sikit lah bai, bukan kan Zahid nie dulu dulunya orang kuat Anwar (ketua pemuda yang dilantik oleh Anwar) dan sangat setia pada Anwar ketika itu..Semasa Anwar ditangkap, kan dio ado bersamo samo.

Jadi persoalan nyo....?????...ado sesiapo nak jawap...