Sunday, July 20, 2014

Read this, Mr Moron and Ms Critic!

MALAYSIA Airlines, its crew and passengers and the civil aviation system are the objects of this crime and tragedy. The finger-pointing should not be at them, but at the criminals - James Fallows of the New York Times.

Why must it always take others to see logic in such a tragedy when some Malaysians themselves are so profound of making stupid and illogical allegations?

This is a good piece for those stupid Malaysians:

Almost as soon as the news broke about the shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine people began to ask: What was a commercial aircraft doing over a conflict zone in the first place? Was this disaster somehow the airline's fault?

The answer is no — but to understand why, you have to look at the complex realities of modern commercial aviation.

Malaysia Airlines, already world famous because of the still-missing flight MH370, appears to have been following all normal safety rules. And the rules governing airline flights over danger zones, including Ukraine, reflect the balance between the risks inherent in any flight and the efficiency on which the world airline system depends.

In principle, every airline flight can minimise travel time, emissions, fuel burn and overall cost by taking the most direct point-to-point route.

In practice, everything about commercial aviation involves making adjustments to that ideal direct routing, all of which is managed by the international air control system.

Before a flight, an airliner's crew coordinates with company dispatchers about any necessary deviations from the desired route. During flight, they make further adjustments — to avoid thunderstorms, for example.

They often request route shifts to the north or south, or changes of altitude, to find smoother air or more favourable winds.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which has jurisdiction over American pilots and airlines, and its international counterparts maintain constantly updated "special notice" sites of airspace to avoid.

The administration's current list urges great caution for flights over hot spots like Yemen, North Korea and Syria, and it prohibits low-level flights (below 20,000 feet) over some sites in Somalia and Iraq.

Since April, the FAA has flatly prohibited all flights by American carriers over the Crimean region of Ukraine — but not over the region 200 miles to the north where the Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down (although some foreign airlines, like Air France, had already adopted prohibitions on flying over Ukraine more or less entirely).

Such explicit prohibitions are critical, because the entire aviation system works on the premise that unless airspace is marked as off-limits, it is presumptively safe and legal for flight.

The airlines want to minimise cost and time by going as directly as possible, and they rely on regulators to tell them where they cannot go.

Before Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 took off on Thursday, its crew and dispatchers would have known that a few hours earlier Ukrainian authorities had prohibited flights at 32,000 feet and below across eastern parts of their country, "due to combat actions... near the state border" with Russia, as the official notice put it, including the downing of a Ukrainian military transport plane earlier in the week.

Therefore when they crossed this zone at 33,000 feet, they were neither cutting it razor-close nor bending the rules, but doing what many other airlines had done, in a way they assumed was both legal and safe.

Legal in much the way that driving 63 in a 65-mile-per-hour zone would be.

And safe, not just for regulatory reasons, but because aircraft at cruising altitude are beyond the reach of anything except strictly military antiaircraft equipment.

During take-off and landing, airliners are highly vulnerable: They are big, they are moving slowly and in a straight line, they are close to the ground. But while cruising, they are beyond most earthbound criminal or terrorist threats.

This is why, even during wartime, airliners have frequently flown across Iraq and Afghanistan.

The restricted zone over Ukraine was meant to protect against accidental fire or collateral damage. It didn't envision a military attack.

After each crash, disaster or terrorist episode, it is natural to point fingers and say, Why didn't we foresee that specific threat? Thus one attempted shoe bombing leads to a decade of shoes-off orders in security lines.

The truth is that air transportation, like most other modern systems, could not operate if it fortified itself against every conceivable peril.

Malaysia Airlines, its crew and passengers and the civil aviation system are the objects of this crime and tragedy. The finger-pointing should not be at them, but at the criminals.

The New York Times News Service


Anonymous said...

For sure Mr Moron will harbor this feelings: "there is no more paper remains neutral except for the Mamakinsider and the Mamaikini.

Anonymous said...

The world views are upside down. It is the social media who created the anomaly. One classic example is Palestine-Israel issue. Before this finger pointing is at the Israel bullying action but nowadays finger pointing is at the Palestine action: provoking the Big Bully.

Anonymous said...

Dah jadi budaya orang msia suka menyalahkan mangsa bila sesuatu kejadian berlaku...contoh...
1. Bila wanita kena rogol, yg salah ialah wanita tersebut sebab pakai baju dedah dan ghairah katanya.
2. Kes ragut, yang salah ialah mangsa sebab pakai barang kemas.
3. Rumah kena rompak, yang salah tuan rumah sebab tak simpan cash di bank.

.....dan banyak lagi lah contoh mangsa yang disalahkan. Kes mh17 pun sama, salahkan mangsa dulu....dah ada dalam genetik.

steven, labis said...

unfortunately, we have to admit that there are so many assholes around us.

even those who claim as pro and well-educated also come under this category.

nothing we can do with this lots because they have brain of a pig or a cow!

big balls said...

apa boleh buat tuan.

manusia ni pelbagai, ada yang cerdik dan bijak, ada yang tolol dan dungu.

bagaimanapun, mereka yang buat tohmahan sedemikian ialah manusia yang langsung tidak ada nilai sebagai manusia!

mereka ni adalah syaitan paling bangang di dunia ni.

memang elok dibakar je!

si pitak said...

biasa la bro.

orang luarlah yang selalu puji kita, defend kita tapi ada rakyat malaysia sendiri yang kata negara ni tak elok dan macam2 benda buruk lagi.

mereka ni agaknya tak tau perkembangan di banyak negara yang dilanda masalah besar seperti perang saudara, konflik politik dan sebagainya.

mereka ni patut ditempatkan di negara berkenaan agar belajar mengenai betapa baiknya negara ni berbanding kebanyakan negara lain.

biar mereka tahu sendiri!

Anonymous said...

even if their dog dies, they will blame it on malaysia airlines!

Anonymous said...

they learn from sodomizer wanna be no 1 in malaysia. He sodom somebody the somebody is being blamed, the court that sentenced him is kanggaroo, the police that caught him is the dog,the gov that pay his salary n provide medical benefits to him as TPM,Head Oppo as Haramjadah,so what else is new? even when his party get less seat is the winner, twisted or gone cuckoo as his wonder

Anonymous said...

Jealous and kiasu that summed it up. Illed intend is always in their heart and on their mind. They have nothing better to do. The brain is full of negative ion, all positivities are blocked. They become an ass, moving deads asshole.

maae said...

You know what ? Bahalol-bahalol ini akan balas, penulis NYT ini juga tidak betul.. percaya lah ! Otak negatif selalu kecil sedikit macam otak-otak penjenayah dan 'trigger' nya dari belakang kepala... he..he.. mereka tiada pertimbangan akal. Hidup selorong je... Bos dia kata terjun bangunan tinggi, maka bersegera lah mereka lakukan untuk kemusnahan - macam rba.

Anonymous said...

Ini menunjukkan bahawa Minority Cina Babi Chee Bai, Jeling Pariah Pundek dan Melayu Pembelot adalah bangkai2 yang mesti di hapuskan.

Kerajaan mesti bertindak tegas. Jangan hanya bertindak cepat bila Melayu terbabit tapi bila Cina Chee Bai atau Keling Pundek terbabit melaukan kesalahan tidak di ambil tindakan.

Soalan nya adakah Kerajaan lebih pentingkan undi Cina Chee Bai dan Keling Pariah Pundek daripada Majoriti Melayu/Bumi???

Anonymous said...

"Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes."

"The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus his person is not endangered, and his States and all their clans are preserved."

"To see what is right, and not act upon it, is want of courage or of principle."

*** Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC)

Anonymous said...

When fatal accident take place even hard core criminals would be touched emotionally and sympatically.

Hard core criminal will help the victims whatever they can if they are not the source of the accident.

Hit and run happened when those who are involed got scared and would not hand their hands due to obvious reason: consequences to the criminality if it is uncovered.

Anonymous said...

Should tell that to your friends Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin, Syed Akbar, Wee Choo Keong and the rest