Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rotten comment!


The wife of Komtar assemblyman Ng Wei Aik described Malaysia as a rotten and scary country following the alleged shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine.

Yuki Tan shared the link of the story from Malaysiakini with her comment stated that Malaysia was a scary country.


Then she posted another message saying that “What kind of rotten country is this!!!”
Netizens had been attacking her for her insensitive postings forcing her to take down her post.

Later, she apologised on her Facebook with her message “I would like to apologize over my personal statement describing Malaysia following the unfortunate incident of MH17. It is not my intention to hurt the feeling of a lot of Malaysians… Sorry! Let’s pray for MH17!”

Source: Stop The Lies


choo cheng kay said...

another case of an ungrateful malaysian.

she should live in countries like ukraine, libya or iraq to really appreciate malaysia and its people!

Anonymous said...

whats her nama again?

yuki tan?

should change her name to puki tan! what a stinky mouth she has!

Grand Marquis said...

She can apologize but too lat because she has revealed her true feeling about malaysia. Too bad she is the wife of an adun who enjoys all the perks from this country.

When we call people like her to balik tongsan she will be angry. But her feeling toward the country deserved such call.

Anonymous said...

is she a malaysian?

temper said...

bila orang kata dia tak layak jadi rakyat malaysia, dia marah. tapi orang macam ni la yang menaikkan darah orang melayu, tak sedar diri. kenapa tak cari negara yang sesuai dengan diri dia?

Anonymous said...

Yes this is so called rotten country..but why are you still are not welcome here because you are species of cadaver which really rotten..You bunch of hipocrites are encourage to migrate to Afghan, Ukraine or Gaza Strip.Are you dare enough..

Anonymous said...

This woman is a real rotten egg. She should be in Ukraine and not Malaysia. Bloody insensitive and never count her blessing that she is living in this beautiful country.


maae said...

Just another rotten chinese bra..oops rba ! Do we need this kind of neighbor? What a shame...

Anonymous said...

She represents DAP. Rotten skunk. Why Kitsiang and guan Eng keep mum?. They endorsed it. Where kokless, F**k you DAP stooges. You are welcome to live in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, or anywhere but not Malaysia. Go ply your stingking.. ....there. See if you can last for one day....real baruah...pariah is better than her.
Let see if DAP supremo will comment on her.
Indeed She is ROTTEN, ROTTEN beyond tolerance.

kaniney said...

mulut busuk.

macam ni ke nak mengaku jadi rakyat malaysia?

Can see clearly now said...

She should just leave Malaysia n migrate to Singapore. We got lots of them here , there r Chinese but they r never malatsian at heart

Anonymous said...

In a way this rotten DAP chinese is admitting that she and her DAP species are indeed the ungrateful arrogant pendatangs of this country.

Anonymous said...

a rotten country?

u, your family and your clan can leave for good!

fuck off from malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Pls migrate to China or any other country that is not rotten... U r the one who is rotten, ur mind is rotten, hope you will rot anywhere else but here ... Yuki tan? Babi hutan ... P*ki Tan...

IT.Scheiss said...

Actually, she should go live in the United States of America and see how well she will be regarded.

Now let's look at some facts.

It's interesting that there were NO U.S.-only nationals on MH17 that day, except for one Netherlands/US dual citizen. Altogether, 64.4% (192 out of 298) of those on board were Netherlands citizens.

Unknown's comment on A. Kadir Jasin's blog leads to a bigger question:-

"belanda pun tak berani nak mengutuk terang-terangan russia kerana russia adalah rakan dagang terbesar belanda. russia memberi lebih 50% sumber tenega kepada belanda dan belanda tak sanggup untuk "antagonize" russia. "

Rough translation:-

"The Netherlands does not dare to clearly criticise Russia since it's the Netherland's biggest trading partner. Russia supplies over 50% of the Netherland's energy resources, so it cannot afford to antagonise Russia."

Now let's revist MH370.

There were three American nationals on MH370, of which two are Chinese-American babies and one Philip Wood an adult. The two babies must have had China-Chinese parents.

About two-thirds of the passengers on MH370 were China-Chinese and many of the others were ethnic Chinese.

This suggests that someone or some entities out there regard Malaysia Airlines and certain nationals and ethnicities as disposable and fit only for use as fodder to be sacrificed on the alter of their political, geostrategic or whatever interests.

Anonymous said...

Of course this is a staged incidence, a drama, where the players are the international political actors.

This drama is nice to watch but ones must realized who play the victim and who is the script writter?

Since the script is well written, not many facebookers aware that they are actually on the victim sides.

And thank goodness for more and more of them begin to get the real pictures and wonderfully it includes Yuki Tan.

Anonymous said...

Kiasu punya orang ceh. Asseblewoman poodah. Who voted for her? Malaysian who trusted her . Who pay for her salary? Malaysian who voted and those wh do not vote her their tax monies being USED to pay her salary. Who are this people? They are Malaysian working in MALAYSIA who believed in MALAYSIA. Poooodah .

Anonymous said...

Malaysians should not let this Yuki off scott free. Her husband is not fit to be an ADUN if he cannot even lead his own household!

How can DAP allow such a person to represent Malaysians! a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

What is Yuki's mother called?
Yuki Mak.