Saturday, July 19, 2014

Russia, Ukraine have no right to the black box!

Neither Russia nor Ukraine should have the black box of the Malaysian Airlines MH17. Being the prime suspects for the 'downing of the plane', I think we must protest any move by Moscow or Kiev to keep it.

The black box must get to the hands of international investigation team that comprises our representatives. Should it falls into the hands of Russia or Ukraine, they are free to control the contents or tamper with it.

I am not pointing fingers at both countries but since the plane was 'shot down' in the zone of Russia-Ukraine military conflict, and with the 'fact' that only Russia and its anti-Kiev ally have the weapons that could reach the altitude MH17 was cruising, my doubts keep rising.
The black box of the Malaysian airline MH17, which was shot down in the conflict area in Eastern Ukraine, has been sent to Moscow for investigation reportedly. The Malaysian plane had fallen from a height of 10,600 metres and all passengers on board, including the crew died in the tragedy. Parts of the aircraft, human remains, money, gadgets and passports were spread across the region of Grabovo and Rassypnaya in Eastern Ukaraine. Rebel militia found remains of more than 100 people in the intial few hours of the rescue operation. Russia and Ukraine have both denied involvement. All parties are investigating into the crash of MH17. 
President Vladimir Putin, who called Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak yesterday, was also not certain as to whether the plane was shot down or just crashed.

Russia brushed off international criticism on Friday to throw blame for the MH17 plane crash back on Ukraine and the West.

Worldwide opprobrium was poured on to the Kremlin for supporting separatist rebels, who stand accused of sending down the Malaysia Airlines jet.
But Moscow denied any ties to the attack, claiming it was the victim of a political vendetta.
Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, accused Washington of a “criminal decision” to back Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s president, in waging war against pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.
“Frankly speaking, I believe that this disaster will sober up those who have very clearly placed their bets on a war,” he said.
President Vladimir Putin called for an immediate ceasefire and an “objective international investigation” into the causes of the crash, after having said on Thursday that Ukraine was to blame because the tragedy happened on its territory. 
The US and its European allies were also looking at Russia with askance, with some believed Moscow had a hand in the incident.

European governments, jolted by the downing of the passenger plane over eastern Ukraine that killed nearly 300 people, are contemplating a major expansion of sanctions on Russia as early as next week.

European Union leaders decided in recent days to expand the penalties to a broad new category of people and companies. But the apparent shooting down of a plane carrying more than 200 EU citizens has intensified a desire to act quickly and forcefully, including sanctions against oligarchs with ties to the Kremlin.
In Brussels, some diplomats described the incident as a game-changer. "It would have major consequences if it was certain it came from the rebels— major consequences," said one official. President Barack Obama, at the White House, called the tragedy "a wake-up call for Europe."
How far the bloc will go, however, will depend in whether the 28 countries can agree on a position.
The EU, whose sanctions have generally fallen short of the tougher measures imposed by the U.S., has been hampered in part by a disagreement among members. Some southern European nations, led by Italy, and others including Hungary and Bulgaria that depend on Russian energy, have resisted harsher sanctions.
I was also drawn to this statement by a United Nations body that governs civil aviation that it had no authority to designate eastern Ukrainian airspace unsafe before the Malaysian airliner was shot down Thursday.

As incompetence as the world body itself, the International Civil Aviation Organisation gave the most stupid and 'unbelievable' excuse for failing to declare a 'no fly zone' over the airspace where MH17 was allegedly shot down two days ago.
“One of the more contested areas (of discussion on various forums) is whether we declared the airspace safe,” said International Civil Aviation Organization spokesman Anthony Philbin Friday.
“But it’s always the responsibility of our (191) member states to issue warnings regarding any potential hazards to the safe operation of civilian air traffic".
States also have the responsibility for conducting accident investigations, Philbin noted.
“It’s always the sovereign states that have the authority over investigations.” 
And why were many parties, especially US and Europe having a 'hunch' about Moscow's 'dirty game on Ukraine and MH17'?

This could explain:
A London-based reporter for Russia's state-owned English-language channel RT quit Friday in protest at its coverage of the Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine.
Sara Firth is the second person since March to publicly resign from RT, formerly known as Russia Today, over its coverage of the Ukraine crisis.
"I resigned from RT today. I have huge respect for many in the team, but I'm for the truth," Firth wrote on her Twitter account @Sara__Firth.
The Kremlin-funded channel, which provides a staunchly pro-Russia version of events, told AFP that Firth "has declared that she chooses the truth; apparently we have different definitions of truth".
However, do we have other suspects?

The US, probably? What about Israel?


Anonymous said...

Knowing that a BUK unit has been stolen and since there was a good chance for the stolen thing to be used and seriously endanger the skyways, the big Q is why there no measure was taken earlier to close the sky traffics? Overlooked or purposeful?

Anonymous said...

I believed just like planes which can be piloted remotely, missiles can too - by the manufacturer. Which ever country produces the missiles will program the missile to identify its target and to avoid their assets and interest. As claimed, has successfully avoided a Russia's plane passing by the said route at that time.

RIP to passengers on MH17.

Anonymous said...

The black box should be with the internatioal investigating team.The suspects are quite many, beside Russia and Ukraine, other war hawks could also have a hand. Malaysia is a very friendly nations. But there are countries though friendly to Malaysia is quite hostile to some of Malaysia foreign and domestic policies. The country consistent support for Palestine doesn't mean we are at war with Israel or its allies. But it can be interpreted as such. So can't discount their involvement.
It was a sad episode for humanity and for global civil aviation.

pheonix said...

cant agree more.

russia and ukraine must not be given any room to the black box. they are the cause of the tragedy!

Anonymous said...

manalah tau kalau mereka yang dapat kotak hitam tu, mereka boleh edit kandungannya dan buang mana2 bahagian yang boleh mendorong dunia tahu bahawa mrekalah yang tembak jatuh pesawat tu.

satu badan bebas di bawah PBB mesti pegang kotak hitam tu!

Sharifah Rashidah bt. Syed Ahmad said...

Masalahnya sekarang ni kotak hitam tu sudah dihantar ke, most probably it would have been tampered with..ini lah yang membimbangkan....

IT.Scheiss said...


Ukraine's armed forces has 27 Buk launchers in eastern Ukraine, according to Russia Today.

For what! against the separatists? some may ask.

Well, I think, quite possibly against the Russian Air Force should it attack Ukraine military forces in support of the pro-Russia separatists.

As for U.S. and Israel, well, the fact that this shooting down of MH17 comes soon after BRICS set up a bank which counters the west's hold on finance capital.

The immediate reaction of U.S. hawk politicians is curious.

UK gutter media is sensationalising the incident.

Obama comes under fire from Americans for his handling of illegal immigrants.

Military Generals are taking a public stand against Obama.

Israel is coming under fire for its attacks on Gaza.

It's also curious that about 55 airliners were to fly through the war zone that day but why only MH17.

It's interesting that there were NO, repeat NO American nationals on MH17 that day.

Now let's revisit MH370.

There were three American nationals on MH370, of which two are Chinese-American babies and one Philip Wood an adult. The two babies must have had China-Chinese parents.

About two-thirds of the passengers on MH370 were China-Chinese and many of the others were ethnic Chinese.

This suggests that someone regards Malaysia Airlines and certain nationals and ethnicities as dispensable, and fare game to use to serve some agenda.

I smell something here.

Anonymous said...

Israel need to silence some voices as part of the preparation for ground invasion of Gaza. Do they include ours in the list? If so which Atc can be bought? Which terror gp should be made the black ships? Most importantly which intelligent body can operate internationally and no footprint left behind? By analysing all the answers, the conclusion will tell exactly why the common belief -- totally and accident perpetrated by the rebels -- is a fallacy.